Jean-Pierre Gagick at the Villa d'Este
Date: June 2018

The famous journalist of the show "Auto Moto", Jean-Pierre Gagick, was present at the prestigious competition of elegance which took place in June at the Villa d'Este. This villa located near Rome is a masterpiece. work of Italian architecture and landscaping. What could be more normal then to exhibit the most beautiful cars of the moment?

Jean-Pierre poses here in front of the Ferrari SP38, which is a unique “one-off” model created by Ferrari's Special Projects department for a single privileged customer. It is based on the 488GTB from which it uses the V8 3.9l biturbo of 670 hp!

He wears our elegant JUAN MANUEL jacket (in tribute to Fangio) which is aimed at all our gentlemen who love the BRITISH and DANDY side. Available in three different tartans, our JUAN MANUEL jackets benefit from high-end manufacturing quality (semi-traditional assembly, Holland & Sherry fabrics….). You can wear it with jeans as well as with colored chinos, in town or in the countryside.

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Auto Moto Report / Tour de Corse 10.000 turns / Audi R8 V10 test
Date: April 2018

The test of the Audi R8 V10 RWS during the Tour de Corse - 10.000 Turns by journalist Nicolas Heidet, assisted by famous Rally driver Bruno Saby, both dressed in Sir Gentleman Driver polo shirts.

You can also find the SGD Official Dress Shirt Collection "Tour de Corse - 10.000 Virages" here:

Nicolas Heidet / Auto Moto journalist dressed SGD
Date: April 2018

The famous TF1 auto journalist (Auto Moto show in particular) Nicolas Heidet is dressed in an Adelaide Sir Gentleman Driver polo shirt at the start of the 1st WRC Special, on the occasion of the last Tour de Corse "10.000 turns"

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Jean-Pierre GAGICK, Auto Moto journalist dressed in SGD
Date: August 2017

The famous journalist from TF1 for the AUTO MOTO show, poses elegantly in this photo in front of this magnificent McLaren while wearing our very chic NICKY MARINE jacket. You can find it here:
For information, it was in Geneva in March 2016 that MC LAREN presented its new 570 GT with its V8 engine of 570 hp and 600 Nm, capable of reaching 100 km / h in 3,4 s and driving up to 328 km / h on the circuit, available at a very low price of € 196.

Francois Xavier Demaison
Date: 2016

The actor Francois Xavier Demaison poses in front of a Mercedes AMG wearing a Sir Gentleman Driver outfit. The whole spirit of the brand is captured in this photo with the elegance of this men's outfit and the daring of someone who loves speed and beautiful cars.

Auto Moto
Date: 2016

Sir Gentleman Driver was featured on AutoMoto during the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder test. As the presenter says, “The convertible is about lifestyle. We dress well and we enjoy. "

BFM Business
Date: 2016

In this short video, the BFM business chain presents a 3-piece men's suit and jacket from the Sir Gentleman Driver brand. The presenter talks about a French gentleman look, halfway between British elegance and chic sportswear. To discover at the store.

The Voice
Date: 2016

A contestant for reality TV show The Voice tries his luck with a Sir Gentleman Driver outfit. Surpassing oneself is one of the values ​​of our brand.

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